Our Team

Our Faculty, including guest lecturers

(in alphabetical order)

  1. dr. Katalin Auer MD Dipl.ECH
  2. László Bóna MA hon.LCHE
  3. Mike Bridger BA(Hons) PGCE LCH – from CHE London
  4. dr. Orsolya Farkas MD
  5. István Fekete LCHE, Naturopath
  6. dr. Marianne Gerő MD Dipl.ECH
  7. Péter Hassmann MA
  8. Tímea Hazay MA LCHE
  9. dr. Andrea Herczeg MSc Pharmacist, Naturopath
  10. dr. Zsófia Hídvégi MD Dipl.ECH
  11. dr. Ralf Jeutter BSc(Hons) Pod.Med PhD (Lit./Phil.) RSHom – from CHE London
  12. dr. Éva Kovács MD MSc PhD
  13. Viola Kis Tóthné BA(Hons), Naturopath
  14. Ágnes Pocsaji MA Dipl.Hom(USA)
  15. dr. Zsuzsanna Rácz MD Dipl.ECH
  16. Katalin Réczey MA LCHE
  17. dr. Ferenc Sasvári MD Dipl.ECH
  18. dr. Ildikó Sík MD Dipl.ECH
  19. dr. Ilona Siska MD Dipl.ECH
  20. dr. Zsolt Somogyvári MD MSc PhD
  21. Andrea Székely BA(Hons) BSc(Hons) LCHE
  22. Bettina Szilágyi BA(Hons) BSc(Hons) LCHE
  23. dr. Zsuzsanna F Várkonyi MA PhD


Our honorary teachers, who have significantly contributed to the development of this college and to whom we are deeply indebted:


  1. dr. Katalin Horváth MD Dipl.ECH
  2. Prof. dr. Farokh Master MD(Hom) LCEH, hon.PhD(Hom)


Our local homeopathic publishing partners:


  1. Judit Nagy at Vis Vitalis Publishing
  2. Péter Hassmann at Remedium Publishing


Our Administrator:

  1. Ildikó Vargha BSc(Hons) Nutr.